Your radioactive artist


Sten, Luca Stengrimsen, born in 1998.

Italian mother, Norwegian father, strange son.

Engineer by day, artist by night.

Locked out of time.

RADIO is my imaginary friend since childhood.

We (RADIO & I) are tripping around consequences of developement with sarcasm about present matters.

RADIO is scared and seeks for protection behind their mask.

Clones, Mutants, Porn, Dystopia, Machines take over, Madness of the past, instability of future, refugee of metaverse.

Those are the key words in RADIO’s universe: Utopia.

RADIO blasts and contaminates our reality to show us their world.

Took the Pill? join the layer one of reality

/error 69: Reality.Exe crashed

Hard reboot Reality.Exe to restart